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Goat Simulator Android 1.4.3 APK Download Tutorial


Description: If you are already here I think there is no need to long-lastly present this game – in Goat Simulator you’re playing from third-person perspective and controlling a goat. You’re exploring the word – jumping, bashing, licking objects with tongue. Game contains tricks and stunts points system – that ...

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Tutorial: GTA Vice City Android APK Download


Description: There is no need to talk about this game briefly – as you know it is one of the epic Rockstar game series PC game. The game takes place in Vice City at 1980. The city itself is very dynamic, ranging from busting beaches to secluded swamps. This arcade ...

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Tutorial: Clash Royale 1.2.4 Android APK Download


  Description of the Game: Clash Royale is another great release from Clash of Clans players. This real time strategy multiplayer game requires smart decision making. Compete against others and beat them with your tactical skills! Various characters, maps, equipments, etc… Video Tutorial on Installation:   Download Links(Clash Royale APK ...

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